Welcome to Subtle Foodie

Imagine the scene, I'm sure you've seen it before. A group of friends, gathered around a meal, enjoying the atmosphere.. all with phone and cameras out, arranging plates, chairs, silverware, lights, everything... all for the perfect shot. I've been guilty of this. I've moved tables to get more natural light. I've taken upwards of forty shots of a single dish to get the "right" one. 

But, the big question is: 'What is the purpose of this?" It took me awhile to figure that out, but then it hit me. It isn't the plate, or the perfect picture, or the IG post. The reason we were all doing that, was because someone created something unique, that we wanted to admire and preserve. Someone, a chef, a cook, a baker, a barista, a pitmaster, made something amazing. We wanted to memorialize it, absorb it, and enjoy it. But do we need the pomp and circumstance?

That is what this blog, these photos, these stories, will focus on, but in a subtle way (see what I did there). I want to tell the stories of those creators and memorialize their hard work and dedication in a way that doesn't require the frivolity, but rather appreciates the fact that the work itself is decoration enough. 

Of course, I'll still post the well-crafted, meticulously detailed, natural lit, edited food photos.. but I want to understand the stories as well, and I hope you'll enjoy that. I can't wait to have the conversations with you all, and learn what makes those creators tick. 

Anthony aka SubtleFoodie



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